Carpet in Saskatoon, SK from Braid Flooring & Window Fashions

Can carpet warm a room?

Carpeting feels warm underfoot, and it promotes a warm ambiance in a room. But it does more than provide comfort and aesthetic appeal. It is an insulating material that helps to retain heat. Also, the padding that is placed beneath wall-to-wall carpeting offers both thermal and sound insulation. Braid Flooring & Window Fashions is a carpet flooring store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, that provides various options that can warm your home.

Thermal conductor

It is a fact that heat can only pass from a hot material to a cold material. Further, certain materials are capable of transmitting heat. Materials that allow heat to pass through easily are called thermal conductors. Broadloom has a low heat conduction rate. Not only are the fibers natural insulators, but the pile also traps air. Therefore, this soft surface is mostly air, and air is a poor conductor of heat.

More ‘thermal facts’

Not surprisingly, the thicker the carpet and padding beneath it, the greater the insulation. So thinner ones stay cooler than thicker ones. Color is important, too. Lighter color ones absorb less heat from the sun’s radiant energy. To judge how well a carpet will insulate your home, look for the R-value on the label. The R-value represents the thermal resistance rating, or in other words, the insulating value. Wool provides a superior R-value.

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