Does laminate flooring offer a waterproof option?

Does laminate flooring offer a waterproof option?

Laminate is a budget-friendly flooring material that is available in wood look and tile look styles. Also, you can find waterproof laminate planks and tiles when you shop at Braid Flooring & Window Fashions in Saskatoon, SK.

Laminate flooring has many positive qualities and could be the perfect floor covering for your home.

Layered construction

Laminate flooring
has a fiberboard core layer, so planks and tiles are always warm to the touch, which is particularly desirable if you have young children or pets. A transparent protective coating or a wear layer covers the hardwood or tile image layer.

The backing layer gives planks and tiles added stability, and this bottom layer also protects floorboards from moisture.

Waterproof brands

Understanding the specific characteristics of your chosen laminate wood flooring product is key to attaining its maximum lifespan.

In general, waterproof brands resist water for about one day, and if you review the manufacturer's specifications for your new flooring, you will find the exact timeframe. If the floor remains wet past this time, it may warp and need to be replaced.

Laminate flooring installation

Usually, standard and waterproof laminate floors are designed to fit together at the edges, so attachment to a subfloor is unnecessary.

Since the floor floats above the subfloor, it can be installed on top of most existing hard surface floors, cement slabs, and wood subfloors. When the laminate flooring is installed, a moisture barrier can be placed under the planks or tiles.

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