Luxury vinyl flooring from Braid Flooring & Window Fashions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Flooring with your whole family in mind — including those with four legs

We are pet-lovers, too. They are much more than animals; they become treasured parts of our families. And, in some cases, as with therapy dogs, they become a life-line for people in your home. And so, when looking into flooring, it is important to consider everyone who will be walking on your floors. And everyone includes our four-legged family members. So, what are the benefits of luxury vinyl floors for pet-friendly homes?

Easy cleanup

Let’s be honest, animals need our care and sometimes that care includes some cleanup. Whether it is fur from a dog or cat that tends to shed a lot, whether it is water or food spilled from a bowl, whether it is cat litter or just a simple accident, Luxury vinyl floors are easy to clean up. All it takes is a broom or a mop and your floors will look as good as new.


Unlike humans, our pets don’t usually wear shoes and sometimes their nails can be heard to clatter around the floor as they play. Again, you do not need to fear. Luxury vinyl flooring is resilient and has a wear layer that goes a long way to prevent scratching. Also, even if a scratch was made, the design of the flooring is built into the top layer of vinyl, which helps the scratch to blend naturally into the floor.


Unlike some surfaces, luxury vinyl floors do not collect dander. Thus, they provide a more hypo-allergenic environment for all residents of the household. Thus, if someone suffers from allergies, these floors do a good job of minimizing the effects caused by an animal’s dander.

Softer underfoot

Because most vinyl flooring is installed with an underlayment, it tends to have a slightly softer feel underfoot than other hard surfaces. The underlayment also helps to dampen the sound caused by our four-legged (as well as two-legged) friends and family as they walk across the floor. And thus, once again, luxury vinyl flooring helps create an environment that your pets will appreciate.

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