Let’s face it, hardwood is the king of flooring making any home feel more elegant. It provides warmth, color, and helps create a calm environment for the home. Unfortunately though hardwood is not a great choice for every home.

Hardwood flooring will dent and scratch over time which in most cases, truly adds to the beauty of the floor. But if you have a household consisting of 3 kids and 2 big dogs, that hardwood is going to look beat up in short order. The good news is you can have the look of hardwood in other products that provide the durability your home requires. The visuals are becoming more and more realistic each day. Can you spot the hardwood?

The most recent edition of Saskatoon Home Magazine has an excellent article on the options available to consumers today. Be sure to come to our showroom in Saskatoon and have us help assess your home to ensure you have the products right for your home.