Here’s how carpet can improve your home

Here’s how carpet can improve your home

Carpet flooring is defined by its broad palette of colors and diversity of eye-catching textures, which make it a favorite for cozy home spaces, especially bedrooms.

The trendiest styles are found at Braid Flooring & Window Fashions in Saskatoon, SK. There's no doubt about it – this soft surface flooring is a 'plus' for any home, and here's why.

Brings nature indoors

Jute and sisal add a sophisticated element to room decor. Choose wall-to-wall carpeting made of natural materials or a large rug that fills a small room.

Place a smaller rug on the broadloom carpet to highlight an area and create a satisfying layered look.

Provides comfort for all

This soft surface flooring brings increased comfort for walking and lounging for all family members, including pets.

Many manufacturers make highly stain-resistant and easy-to-clean carpet for pet owners backed by a comprehensive warranty. Safety is increased, too, with any carpet, especially on stairs.

Offers thermal and sound insulation

Carpeting and the underlayment always placed beneath it promote a warm environment. This excellent insulator flooring retains warm air and is a barrier to drafts. In addition, sounds are muffled because the carpet reduces echo and the distance noise travels.

Adds artistic flair

There are many ways to 'bring a space alive' with broadloom flooring. A bold pattern or a bright color enhances the decor, and a pastel or muted color can also become a focal point if you choose a patterned cut loop. Adventurous homeowners create a design with tiles or squares.

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