Searching for the perfect carpet flooring can leave you with many questions before you are ready to buy, especially concerning fiber. So, what is the difference between nylon and polyester?

We are so glad you asked. Read along in today’s post to find out more.

Carpet flooring fibers are all a little different

Each carpet fiber has its own set of characteristics and benefits, and one will likely serve you better than the rest. That is why understanding what each fiber is best known for could be incredibly beneficial in making your final selections.

Nylon is an excellent choice for durability, being well-known for this attribute, thanks to a high level of resiliency which allows the fiber to bounce back after footprints or other heavy loads. It also offers a great variety of visuals, including solid colors and patterns.

When your most important requirement is stain resistance, polyester is your go-to material between these two. It tends to repel liquid as a hydrophobic fiber, whereas nylon can soak spills into the fiber.

For the very best in stain and odor protection, be sure to ask about built-in stain protection. This can level the playing field if you are stuck between products.

Find out which carpet flooring fits your needs

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