Show Homes are a great way to stretch a homeowner’s imagination by show off new flooring, tile, and window fashion products. In Saskatoon, you’ll often see interior designers use creative colours and textures to enhance the look and feel of a room.

This show home was built by one of Saskatoon’s premier custom home builders, Legacy Homes. In this home, we played with textures to create a modern look with a warm feel.

First we started with a hardwood that has an oil finish as opposed to a urethane finish. You’ll notice that the sheen is flat which creates a warm and natural look. It’s also an incredibly easy floor to maintain.

Next, we added tile with varying stones and colors to really capture the attention. The tile around the fireplace contains several colors of glass surrounded by pieces of stainless steel. This combination definitely creates a focal point in the room.

And finally we used window coverings to provide style while maintaining functionality. These dark shades are modern, but illuminate with the bright sun behind them. You’ll notice that the pattern in the roller shades really stands out as the sun breaks through the window.