Understanding expansion with laminate flooring installations

Understanding expansion with laminate flooring installations

You've undoubtedly heard a lot about expansion and contraction regarding genuine hardwood.

But also know that it can happen on many surfaces, including laminate flooring. While this is a manufactured product, its composition does include wood byproducts.

That makes it susceptible to temperature changes and water damage.

Acclimation is essential

This is a straightforward but necessary pre-installation process. It will help the product adjust to its new surroundings.

Remember, even if it comes from a warehouse nearby, the temperature can vary from your house's.

Have the pieces delivered two to three days before actual installation. Lie them side by side, or in opened boxes, in the room where they will be installed. 

There should be no excessive air conditioning or heat! Every laminate flooring manufacturer is different, but generally, room temperature should be between 65-80 degrees. The humidity level should be between 25-70%.

Be sure to consult with your flooring expert before proceeding.

About expansion gaps

These are also essential, as the floor will need space to expand and contract. The minimum expansion gap size should be ¼-inch, but some installers go even bigger with large areas.

Some will also use spacers to create a consistent expansion gap pattern.

Laminate is attractive and affordable

Laminate flooring has evolved over the years with high-definition imaging and better embossing to create textures. The best laminate flooring for residential floor use has an AC-3 (Abrasion Criteria) Rating.

While there is a range of thicknesses, it should be at least 8 mm in density. 

Other laminate benefits

  1. Durability with a clear, strong wear layer.
  2. Easy maintenance requires only dry mopping or sweeping with a soft bristle brush. Damp mop it every couple of months.
  3. Fast and easy installation. This translates as less expensive to you. The planks click together to mat and hover over the subfloor without nails or adhesives.

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