Welcome to Braid Flooring’s Style for Life Magazine!

Welcome to Style for Life, an e-magazine devoted to guiding you through the challenges of home fashions. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing space, Style for Life will provide you with easy to use ideas to create a home that expresses your style while suiting your lifestyle. 

So then where does this wild and crazy idea come from? Without giving a boring lecture on the history of Braid Flooring & Window Fashions, let’s explore. The company was founded by my Father Jeff Braid so naturally I’ve had years of experience watching him work with a variety of customers. I’ve also had the pleasure of learning from some of the most experienced Design Consultants this city has to offer. These are people that have the ability to take the vaguest ideas and turn them into dream homes! 

After years of watching customers work with these Design Consultants I began to notice a consistent trend….most people have no idea how to design and decorate a room. Sure I’ve also noticed that women are better with color than men and more often than not….women are RIGHT! But most people at the end of the day need help to design and decorate their home. 

It is a challenge to be able to create a certain feel using color, fabrics, and textures. It takes practice, experience, and a no fear attitude to get your home to where you want it. That’s where this magazine comes in. It’s going to provide you with a variety of ideas from some of the most talented individuals in order to create your Style for Life. 

– Christian Braid