Farrow & Ball Paint- The Special Ingredient for Your Home

Let me start with a few questions.

  1. Have you ever painted a room in your home and found that after a short period, the fumes from the paint are bothersome? 
  2. Have you noticed it some times takes days before the smell dissipates? 
  3. Does that past experience cause hesitation to take on another room?

Farrow & Ball paint is known for its quality and colors around the world. But it is also recognized for its environmental approach to creating high quality products.

We had the pleasure of participating in a product knowledge session here at Braid with none other than Mr. Jason Cass. Half way through our session he stoped and asked us if we could smell anything. We looked at each other curious as to why he would ask such a strange question. 

Mr. Cass then pointed to the open gallon of paint on the table which none of us noticed. Throughout the entire session there was a gallon of open paint and none of us were affected by any off gassing. 

Bottom line is this water based paint is perfect for your home. Whether you’re considering a full renovation or preparing a room for your soon to arrive bundle of joy, Farrow & Ball is perfect for your home. 

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