Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate- 5 Steps to Remove Streaky Floors

Cleaning Hardwood & Laminate- 5 Steps to Remove Streaky Floors

A common concern we hear relates to the cleaning process of hardwood & laminate flooring. Typically after a month we are asked ‘why there is a film on the floor?’

The first thing most people question is the quality of the cleaner. But the answer usually lies in the application of the cleaner. have you ever stepped out of the shower and realized you didn’t get all of the soap off your skin? If the soap isn’t completely washed off you’re left with a residue on your skin. The same applies to your flooring.

If you are having issues with streaks or a film on your floor than you need to remove the excess cleaner.

Here’s the 5 step process:

  1. Take a clean mop and run it under warm water
  2. Squeeze out the majority of the water and mop the affected area until the mop runs dry
  3. Run the mop under clean warm water removing as much dirt from the mop as possible
  4. Squeeze out the water and mop another area of the floor
  5. Repeat until film is gone

If the film is still there add a small (cap size) amount of your basic household detergent.

Avoid the film on your floors by ensuring you use a clean mop with a small amount of cleaner. Our recommendation for a cleaner is Woodpecker for both hardwood and laminate flooring.

If you have questions about your floors feel free to contact us!