Inspiration Board



This pallette focusses on clean, crisp lines with an overall lighter, slightly restrained colour palette. This back drop allows the opportunity to incorporate striking and contrasting decorative elements. Modern design employs a sense or simplicity in every element, including furniture, hardware, and architectural elements. A welcomed enhancement to this aesthetic is the pop of colour in art or a striking feature in one of the more public rooms of the home.


Referencing historic design elements and embarcing details that stand the test of time. We like to add tension to traditional palettes, which are known for being predictable, yet both cozy and comfortable at the same time. Layering textures, items with patina, embracing the belief that items do not need to match, but more importantly relate to empasise a more collected look.


A moderately more embellished take on the clean, crisp Modern design style. Embracing selections with pattern and in combination with more materials and finishes, creates a slightly more cosmopolitan feel. Not afraid of colour, it is invited effortlessly while still understated. Fashion forward decorative elements are added to this look to complete the vision.


Gravitating to almost all design styles, this collection encompasses all that you love, while keeping your decorative decisions open to evolution. The mix of modern mosaics, with character wood floors adds tension but in an understated way. Mixing more traditional with clean line components, rich in finishes, only enhance this layered look. Introducing a more contemporary area carpet pushes these boundaries towards perfections.
Atmosphere Interior Design is one of the more influential and well-known interior design businesses in Canada. The team strives to not only provide exceptional design, but to also serve their customers and clients, and as a resource for the broader design community.

Since 2004, Atmosphere Interior Design has been trailblazing the aesthetics of style and design in Saskatoon, SK. Their 15+ years have been marked by international recognition in design magazines (Style at Home, House, and Home, Western Living, Australian Home Beautiful), national awards, and an ever-expanding roster of clients- both commercial and residential. Projects continue to take them outside of the province, with completed projects in Toronto, Vancouver, Virginia and New York City.

As principal designers, Trevor and Curtis long to create spaces that are current and modern, with nods to classic and timeless details, producing an aesthetic for which Atmosphere has become known for. Their dedication to making each project undeniably unique showcases their strength at being on of the country's most diverse design teams with a instantly recognizable design style.