Inspiration: Where to begin when planning your new floor!

Inspiration: Where to begin when planning your new floor!

With a new year upon us, this is the year you’re finally going make those renovations.

Choosing new flooring and window fashions for your home can be a daunting process. If you keep it simple and remember these few tips, you’ll find the process simple and dare I say it…..FUN!

What Are You Trying to Create in the Space?

First, you want to envision what the space will look and feel like once it’s all complete. Are you looking to replicate a cathedral from the Renaissance era, create a modern Feng Shui feel, or something that just feels cozy? 

This picture in your mind will help guide you through the next steps. If you need ideas, collect magazines and search the web. Create a ‘vision’ board which shows exactly what you are thinking. 

This step is all about creating your vision for the space. Don’t think functionality or price just yet. 

Consider the Amount and Type of Traffic in the Area 

The second step is to determine how functional the materials need to be in order to hold up to the routine of your household.

The amount of time that people and pets spend in the room is very important when considering a specific type of floor. Some materials are designed to withstand Tonka Trucks and lounging dogs, while others are better suited for socks only. Is the space used for cooking, lounging, or serving a formal afternoon tea?

The traffic will determine the type of materials you’ll need, but it will not determine the look you’re trying to create. Man made materials have evolved to mimic natural products beautifully. If you want the look of Walnut flooring but need the durability of laminate, you can find it! 

Consider the Size of the Space

With a larger, more spacious room, you can really get creative with your choices.  Large format tile, herringboned hardwood; there is no limit. With a smaller room, you will need to be more creative with the styles, patterns, and textures you use in order to create a comfortable space. 

The best part of this whole process is we are here to help! Bring in your ideas and we can guide you through this process. In the end, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the final product.