Are all carpet transitions the same?

Are all carpet transitions the same?

A transition strip, which covers the seams between two different floor types, is a visually appealing safety feature that provides the 'finishing touch' to the installation process for carpeting.

Braid Flooring & Window Fashions, a carpet store in Saskatoon, SK, offers a large selection of everything you need when you add carpet to a room, including various transition strips.  

ransition strips

All carpet transitions are not the same but depend upon the carpet style and the type of floor in the adjoining room. Transition strips provide a finish along each material's edge and accommodate any change in floor height.

The strips, often made of wood or aluminum, have spikes that grip the carpet and hold it flush with the other flooring.


A 4-in-1 transition strip features interchangeable parts for different types of floors. Typically, carpet installation components for the transition include a strip, a hard surface reducer that joins a thick and thin hard flooring material, and end molding, creating a final finished edge on one-floor material.

Specialized strips, like a low-pile carpet-to-tile transition strip, are also available.


A seam-only transition works well if there is different carpeting in two rooms. This well-hidden seam, created with a latex seam sealer, seam tape, and carpet seam iron, provides a pleasing transition from one material and design to another.

Also, the seam-only carpet installation creates a finished edge on the backing to keep it from fraying or coming loose.

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