Be satisfied with your new vinyl plank flooring with an in-home consultation from Braid Flooring

Plank vinyl or vinyl plank flooring has become one of the most popular flooring options. As wood flooring grows even more in popularity, so does its replications. Vinyl is becoming a top ‘wood-like’ flooring material. This is attributed to the fact that manufacturers have improved the look, feel and durability of vinyl plank. Finding the right plank vinyl flooring, however, can be complicated. Fortunately, Braid Flooring offers in-home consultations to help you shop for and find the right flooring for your space.

What Does a Braid Flooring Consultation Offer?

When you purchase flooring through Braid Flooring, you’re entitled to a complementary, in-home flooring consultation. The consultation or Creative Meeting is designed to help you find flooring that fits your space, home and style. You can schedule a meeting online or by calling Braid directly. After your meeting has been scheduled, a Design Consultant will come to your home, evaluate your space and show you the options and prices for plank vinyl flooring.

Pricing Options

During your in-home consultation, the consultant will go over all your pricing options and make the best recommendations based on your budget, room design, chosen colour, existing flooring or subfloor, wants and needs. Just keep in mind that Braid Flooring offers the most high-quality plank vinyl, which means your choices will be attractive, sleek, modern and competitively priced.

Choosing the Right Look

Braid Flooring streamlines the process of shopping for plank vinyl flooring. So, your consultant will explain all your colour and dimension options. You can choose whatever colour, width or length you like, but be aware of the average widths and lengths. Wider planks are easier to install and extremely popular right now. However, the average width is 6 inches, and the average length is 48 inches.

The Design Consultant will explain this to you, as well as discuss design options. Most plank vinyl flooring comes embossed, but there are also options that look antique or distressed. Embossed planks are the most common option, but your consultant will discuss which option is best, based on your style.

Shopping for vinyl plank flooring can be stressful and confusing if you don’t know what to look for. However, a free Creative Meeting from Braid Flooring can alleviate your stress and provide the vinyl flooring education you need. Besides that, the consultant can help you find the colour, size and style that fits your space and personality. Give us a call to book your consultation today!