Custom Tile Showers- A Place for Relaxation

If I asked you to imagine your dream bathroom you’d probably start by describing the perfect tub, the elegant tile, the relaxing colours and feel of the room. This part of your home is where you find complete relaxation and solitude from the busy world. For true piece of mind in this environment you need to ensure your custom tile shower is built properly.

Building a custom tile shower is an investment which is why we go the extra mile. A shower is either built to last or built to fail. A failure results in water damage which usually amounts to thousands of dollars in repairs.

That’s why we recommend the Wedi shower system which ensures a strong, stable, and waterproof foundation for tile. Here’s what HGTV star Bryan has to say:

Of course each shower comes with a variety of options to truly make this unique to you.

If you’re considering a renovation to your bathroom, visit our showroom and give us the opportunity to assist you with the planning and execution of this project.