Four current laminate flooring trends

Four current laminate flooring trends

Budget-friendly laminate floors comprise several layers of materials, including a fiberboard core. Planks, which mimic hardwood flooring, and tiles, which imitate wood and different tile flooring materials, are available in almost every style in the marketplace.

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Color tones

The lightest color tones are the most popular, but many discerning homeowners favor the darkest hues. Gray is the trendiest neutral color, and because a wide variety of shades span the color spectrum, the color can be blended into any decorating scheme.

Reclaimed wood look

A laminate plank or tile style that looks like reclaimed wood or wood that is either vintage or recycled is at the top of many homeowners' must-have lists. Abundant laminate wood flooring options include traditional European white oak and maple planks with a handscraped finish.

Textured planks

Textured laminate planks and tiles capture the natural characteristics of a wood grain texture. Texturing, created with embossing techniques, gives the impression of depth. Change the direction of the planks, instead of using a grid pattern, for added visual appeal.

Waterproof brands

With laminate flooring, the general rule is that water on standard brands should be cleaned up immediately. In contrast, water on waterproof brands can be removed timely. Typically, the manufacturer lists a timeframe of about one day in the product specifications.

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