Hardwood Flooring in Saskatoon- Winter Has Arrived

With the temperature dropping you’ve probably noticed the air in your home is a little dry. The furnace is working full time, your eyes feel dry and your skin is itchy. Moisture has left the building and doesn’t plan to return any time soon.

Did you know that the change in humidity has an effect on the entire structure of your home? It’s hard to imagine but your home actually shrinks in the winter and grows in the summer! That’s because your home is made from wood which reacts to changes in humidity.

As moisture leaves the air in your home, wood will begin to dry out which causes it to shrink. This means your walls, floors, ceiling and even your baseboards are always changing. Do you ever notice this in your home?

Your hardwood floors will have the same reaction. Have you ever seen this in a home?

As the wood shrinks the gaps between each board will increase in size. Neither of these examples are an illustration of a product failure but rather the reality of how wood reacts to changes in humidity.

So when winter comes to Saskatoon be aware that the change in temperature will have an affect on your home. If your hardwood floor starts to shrink don’t panic! Simply add humidity to the area and watch those gaps close. 

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