Laminate flooring in Saskatoon, SK from Braid Flooring & Window Fashions

How durable is laminate flooring?

Four layers are bonded together to create planks and tiles. This durable floor covering has a backing, core, image, and wear layer. Since the core is made of fiberboard, this floor is warm underfoot even in the coldest weather. The high-tech image mimics numerous stones, like marble and travertine, and wood species, such as perennial favorite oak. Braid Flooring & Window Fashions, a laminate flooring store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, offers a wide variety of this type of flooring. A virtual consultation and in-home estimate are complimentary.

AC Rating

With laminate flooring, there's no guessing about durability. Planks and tiles are tested by an independent entity and given a durability rating based on test results. Tests are numerous and varied, and the flooring must pass every one of them. For example, sandpaper is rubbed against the planks, and tiles and wheels are scraped back and forth. Similar rigorous testing is done to gauge resistance to impact, staining, moisture, and burns. As a result, laminate that is rated AC3 is suitable for all areas in the home.

Standard vs. waterproof

Standard and waterproof laminate brands are available. Standard brands resist moisture, so spills or water stay on the surface rather than soaking into the flooring. But the liquid must be cleaned up immediately. In contrast, waterproof laminate can tolerate moisture for a more extended period. The manufacturer's specifications note the amount of time that the flooring can safely remain wet. Typically, the liquid must be removed within one day to avoid possible damage.

In addition to flooring, locally-owned Braid Flooring & Window Fashions offers Hunter Douglas window treatments. Our team includes installers, design consultants, and certified Hunter Douglas Specialists; we have been serving the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, area since 1986. Warman, Martensville, Prince Albert, and Davidson are located in our service area. We make it easy for you to complete your laminate flooring project. You can find out more about our products by using our online room visualizer and chat service. Then visit our showroom in Saskatoon for more personalized service.