Kinsmen Showhome in Saskatoon- Flooring

Kinsmen Showhome in Saskatoon- Flooring

This year we had the privilage of partnering with Homes by Dundee and the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon to be the provider of flooring & window fashions for the 2012 Kinsmen Showhome. The home features warm and earthy tones which is evident in the hardwood, tile, carpet and drapes.

Let’s start with the hardwood found in the kitchen, dining room and hallways. We chose to use an Oak hardwood made by Mirage. Oak hardwood has lots of grain which gives plenty of character. The grain also absorbs stain in a consistent fashion which creates a very balanced look. Combine the character and the consistent color and you’ll find oak hardwood suitable for almost any home.

Next came the tile which was found in the bathrooms. There was a need to be subtle to allow for other design elements so we chose from the Provenza Series which is a porcelain tile. You’ll notice the creame color has a very soft vein in it. The vein is just enough to add some visual appeal without overwhelming the room. We accented the wall with a glass tile that mimics bamboo to add some character.  

For the bedrooms and stairs we used a carpet called Fontainbleu. The carpet is thick and soft which provides comfort underfoot. You’ll notice a subtle pattern in the carpet which provides character. This material was perfect for this staircase.

Finally we added fashion to the windows by creating custom drapes. The colors and styles are simple and warm. With all of the design elements in this room, there was no need to be too bold with the window fashions.