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Radiant heating and carpet flooring: Do they mix?

Choosing the best carpet in Saskatoon, SK can bring many questions, especially if you have radiant heating. Many homeowners want to know if this is a good choice for this heating method.

The quick answer is yes, radiant heat is compatible with carpeting, but there are facts you should know before you begin. So, here are some topics for consideration as you shop to meet this need.

Be sure you aren’t blocking your heat

It's vital to ensure your underlay doesn't work against you when you choose to mix carpet and radiant heating. For example, felt can often block heat, supplying excellent thermal resistance.

Choose a hessian backing to get the best your radiant heating system has to offer. If you have questions about other valuable materials, speak with an associate.

Prevent overheating for the best results

Carpeting is rated for certain temperature ceilings, so you should ensure your heating system doesn't surpass it. In most cases, these temperatures should never be above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and should always be checked by a thermostat.

It’s always a good idea to add insulation to the carpet subfloor that can help with these heating systems when you install flooring. You’ll see these create the best performance, so your system and flooring are both protected.

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