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What are the different types of carpet styles/fibers?

There are so many benefits when carpeting is your flooring of choice. Options for appearance, durability, longevity, and more make this a perfection option for so many spaces. But today, we’re going to look a little deeper into the styles and fibers available in this flooring line.

The fibers are actually where much of your floor’s lifespan will come from. In much the same way as species is vital to the lifespan of hardwood, fibers cater to your particular lifestyle and activity level, allowing you to pick what’s perfect.

Which carpet flooring is best for you?

Carpet fibers play a massive role in the longevity of your flooring. For instance, if your home is busy, active, or if you have pets or children, a more durable fiber is preferred. It stands up well under heavy traffic and resists stains very well.

Here are the most common fibers:

  • Nylon is the most popular fiber, making up most of the carpet flooring in the United States. It’s very durable and resistant to stains and daily wear.
  • Polyester is very similar to nylon, offering a soft underfoot feel when a thick cut-pile is chosen.
  • Olefin is strong, comfortable, and extremely resistant to fading. It’s a perfect choice for outdoor use, as it also resists mold and mildew.
  • Wool is the only all-natural fiber used widely for carpeting and provides excellent stain and wear resistance. It also provides a wonderful underfoot feel.
  • Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles:

    • Berber offers soft, sophisticated appearances, perfect for relaxed spaces.
    • Saxony is a cut pile that isn’t too long nor too short. It offers a textured, trackless appearance that is plush and soft.
    • Frieze is a modernized version of what some might remember as shag carpet. Fibers are long, tightly twisted, and very durable.
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