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What is the best carpet to get if I have pets?

Generally, carpet flooring made from nylon fibers is the most popular for homes with kids and pets. It's durable, stain-resistant, and affordable. There are also carpet fibers with permanent stain resistance built into the yarn.

Even one with a special moisture barrier helps prevent spills and accidents from penetrating the padding and subfloor to allow for more thorough cleaning and increased odor protection. Ultimately, however, it’s going to come down to your budget and personal preferences. Know that two things affect the appearance and performance of a rug: fiber and pile. When shopping for carpet flooring in Saskatoon, consider us your one-stop source.

The most common fibers

There are natural and synthetic fibers. While there are blends and "specialty" fibers, the most common ones are wool, natural, white, and plush. This has inherent oils that keep it from embedding dirt and soil, but it is absorbent.

Synthetics, or man-made, tend to have better stain resistance, and some are very strong. Nylon is one, and, as we said at the beginning, it’s a popular choice for homes with pets. Polyester is non-absorbent, giving it superior inherent stain protection. Olefin is budget-friendly and also non-absorbent. Triexta is strong and has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

High pile and low pile rugs

All rugs are cut piles with fibers looped at varying height. Some are high, with long loose fibers like the shag or frieze. Others have short, tightly woven yarns, like the Berber style. High pile rugs tend to be more difficult to clean, like the shag, often referred to as the “sheepdog rug” (for obvious reasons). Low pile rugs are easier to clean and somewhat more durable, which is why you’ll always see low pile carpet floors in commercial applications.

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