What sizes does tile flooring come in?

What sizes does tile flooring come in?

One thing that makes floor tile so easy to decorate with is that you can choose from an extensive range of sizes to help create the look you want and need. Today, we’re going to tell you more about your options so that you can pick a tile size that genuinely works for your requirements, so read along to find out more about it.

Floor tile size matters

Tile flooring features many sizes, as small as two inches wide to as much as two feet wide, but some of the more sought-after sizes are 12 by 12, 18 by 18, and 12 by 24. These different sizes often cater to the décor and ambiance of the room, but there are other reasons for choosing different tile sizes.

For instance, large format floor tiles can make the room look larger, giving you the impression of more space, thanks to fewer grout lines. But fewer grout lines can also mean that less grout is used, which speeds up your installation process, so don’t miss your opportunity to stop by and learn even more about tile size and your upcoming remodel.

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